Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to paint a cat - step 5

Today we are going to paint our cat's face. Tricky business as cats notoriously avoid eye contact. The trick is to fart - despite walking around farting half the time themselves cats find it interminably fascinating when we do it. If you find your cats attention slipping at any time while you are painting just parp out a fresh whistle and I promise you she will be all yours. The key here is detail. Here is my painting so far.

At first glance it looks like a masterpiece of portraiture but if we look closer at my painting and compare it with some photographic reference material we will see something is missing.

That's right I have not painted baggy's tongue. What an oversight! She won't be drinking much strawberry milk without that. The lesson here is about attention to detail and ultimately - looking. Thats really what painting comes down to. So lets give baggy her tongue and move on to the final, most important step.

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