Saturday, 16 April 2011

How to paint a cat - step 4

In this step we are going to make use of many of the techniques we learned in the previous lesson "how to paint a dog shit".
This time however we want to portray action - this shit is not static - it should have LIFE as it cascades to earth. Just as Michelangelo studied the human skeleton to better understand the human form we must study the skeleton of nature - gravity.

Gravity is a force that acts on objects, it makes objects accelerate "downward". While we do not need to know about forces to analyze projectile motion we do need to know a very important detail: gravity causes objects to accelerate downward at roughly 9.8 m/s² 9.8 m/s² is the generally accepted amount of acceleration that happens, in some areas of Earth it is more or less but we will use 9.8 for our calculations.

A further note on the penis.
It is not the case in the majority but many male cats get aroused when they take a shit and I assume this is the case with Michael's cat. No doubt - as is so often the case with any artist - upon witnessing the event he was inspired to capture the phenomenon in paint but frustratingly found he was restricted by his technical abilities. The difficulty lies not in the penis but in the baggy balls. I will tackle these later in the tutorial. For now I am going to trust that you have developed your skills enough to paint your cats penis without my advice. They are all different anyway and it would be difficult for me to make any assumptions. See how I handled the task in my painting.

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