Thursday, 26 August 2010

How to Paint a Cat - Step 1

Thank you to Michael below for requesting a lesson. I will do my best to help you Michael. I don't know if you have a particular cat in mind but for this exercise I have used my own cat, for reference.
I suggest starting by painting a nice coloured ground. This will govern the atmosphere for the rest of your image. I've used a soft pink to suggest a still, calm feeling and it also subtly suggests a desire for strawberry milk to the viewer.

Cats are well know for being bad still-standers and so you might find it helpful to fix your cats feet to the floor in some way. Baggy made quite a fuss when I did this so I quickly painted his legs first and then let him go.


  1. Dear Painting Master,

    I have been sitting at my easel waiting for your next update for months. Please reply soon or I may die. My cat has already died but it makes it easier to pose for the picture.

  2. Ah yes Michael. Sorry sorry sorry. Good news about your cat. I'm just off to my studio now but I will finish the lesson soon indeed.