Thursday, 15 July 2010

How to paint a dog shit - step 3

Today we're going to paint the ground upon which our dog shit will sit. I'm going to hand over this lesson to the great Winslow Homer.

"You have the sky overhead giving one light; then the reflected light from whatever reflects; then the direct light of the sun; so that, in the blending and suffusing of these several luminations, there is no such thing as a line to be seen anywhere."

Next we'll add some detail. Using a small brush and a delicate touch introduce some individual blades of grass. These blades are important to capture the essence of a slight summer breeze in our painting.

NB. You might not have realised it but you have just painted a landscape and you may find that it makes a beautiful painting as it is. Don't be afraid to hang this one up and start another one to paint the dog shit on.

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